Bringing the healing power of exercise to addiction recovery communities

Training taught me to push myself even when I don’t think I can, that I can do a lot more than what I think I can do.

-5K finisher, first year of sobriety


Being part of a team means everything.  We win together and we cry together.  It is a reminder that we never have to be alone.

-10K finisher,  first year of sobriety

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Training Uniquely Tailored

to the Recovery Community

At Strides in Recovery, we believe that training is a metaphor for recovery and a metaphor for life.  And that's why every aspect of our program embraces this philosophy. 


Like many training programs, we create training plans and provide education about the fundamentals of running: body mechanics, stretching and strengthening, pacing, footwear, and more.  And then we go the extra mile.  


Our messaging stresses the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of group training, reinforcing the principles associated with a lasting and successful recovery. 

Why would your community benefit from a Strides in Recovery program?

Because exercise in recovery is good.

Training with a supportive community is better.

And, achieving a challenging endurance goal as part of a team can be life-changingl!  



Enjoying the camaraderie of training together.

The joy of race day.

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Our Program

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How it Works

Together, we will create an experience that supports your mission and values, and supports your clients/members on their journey to long-term sobriety.

Every program is customized to align with the values, needs, and resource availability of your organization.


You select the goal: a local 5K, 10K or half marathon.​

You pick the day(s) of the week that are best for group runs.

​​You decide who will be included, e.g., current clients/members only; clients/members, alumni, family members, community supporters; or some other variation.

You determine whether you'd like to incorporate fundraising. 

Strides in Recovery will make it happen.​

Christopher's Experience


"At first I ran to improve my health. Then, after training for several weeks, I began to look at training as a metaphor for my sobriety.  Commitment, follow through, longevity, endurance, perseverance are just some of the things that come to mind in that metaphor.  The reward from doing this is indescribable."


Christopher M.,

sober since 2012  


Why it Works

According to the medical literature, regular aerobic exercise supports long term sobriety.

Benefits to the Partner Organization

  • Increased public awareness of your program and the benefits offered

  • A program that has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of relapse

  • An additional forum for reconnecting your clients with loved ones

  • Another way to strengthen the connection among your clients, staff, alumni and supporters

  • Reinforcement of your program's teachings

  • An opportunity for fundraising

  • A shared sense of accomplishment

If you’d like to bring a low cost life-changing experience to your community, even if you have only a little staff time to invest, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Get Involved

Start a Team
Start a Team

Strides in Recovery is available to provide programs to a wide variety of recovery communities: residential treatment programs, PHPs, IOPs, sober living, alumni programs, Alano Clubs, health clinics, and more. Each program will be customized to the needs and available resources of our community. Let's talk.

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Join an Existing Team
Join an Existing Team

Whether you're in recovery or a supporter of those who are, an ultra-marathoner or someone brand new to exercise, we'll do our best to find a team that's right for you. Let's talk.

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Running a non-profit is no small task. There are plenty of opportunities to help, from behind the scenes to being out there with a team. We'll do our best to match your interests and availability with our needs. Let's talk.

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Your contribution can help make this experience possible. Be part of a success story.

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Start a team


Join an existing team


All donations to

Strides in Recovery

are tax-deductible. 

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