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Alumni Resources

Scroll down to learn more about the many ways to stay connected to your

Strides in Recovery community.

Your Team

Three Ways to Stay
Connected in Person

1. Continue running / walking with your program with your sober sisters and/or brothers who are still in the program you just finished. Be a role model. Help them prepare for what comes next. You will be helping yourself too! All you need to do is show up!

2. Join a different Strides in Recovery group. Be part of another community that supports a healthy active life in sobriety. We have over 25 Strides in Recovery groups that weekly throughout Los Angeles County. If you'd like to join a group other than the program you graduated from, sign up to become a Volunteer Assistant Coach by clicking HERE. On that same page, you will also find a link to the list of all of our weekly sessions. If you get to a screen that looks like the screenshot below, you're in the  right place. 

3. Participate with us in local races. Enjoy that sense of accomplishment together with your Strides in Recovery community. To view the list of upcoming events, click HERE. When you are ready to register, please contact Strides in Recovery, as we may have a discount code.

Transportation Options: Your treatment provider may be willing to provide transportation. We encourage you to ask your counselor or case manager for more information. If that doesn't work, invite a friend or family member who has a car to do the event with you.


Three Ways to Stay
Connected Online

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Join the Strides in Recovery
Los Angeles Marathon Team

LA Marathon

If you're thinking, "That's crazy. I can't run a marathon (26.2 miles).", that's the point. Maybe you can't do it today, but with consistent hard work, you can.  We will provide you with a 5 month training plan. Also, you will have the opportunity to train with the Beit T'Shuvah LA Marathon team, a group of clients in a West LA addiction treatment program. If they can do it, so can you! If you believe you can achieve big goals and are willing to do the work, you can! For more information, contact Jenna Campell at

Run Clubs

Run Clubs who Support
Strides in Recovery 

We encourage you to also consider other healthy, sober, active communities. There are numerous running clubs throughout Los Angeles County, and most welcome people of all abilities.  The clubs listed below have participated in Strides in Recovery events and have expressed an interest in welcoming our alumni.



Latinos Run LA

No XQses Fitness


Run Montebello Run

Skid Row Running Club

Walk & Talk Therapy

Are you able to think and feel more clearly while moving? If so, "walk & talk" therapy may be right for you. 

Hannah Bonaparte LCSW

also a Strides in Recovery head coach

CA License. LCSW97977


PH: (310) 622-3241

Links to other Therapists Offering Walk or Run & Talk Therapy

(Being listed on our website does not imply an endorsement by Strides in Recovery)

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