Our Coaches

Each of our Strides in Recovery coaches came to us on a different path, but we are each moving forward toward together the same goal. We are here to change lives. We are each here to bring our unique skills, background and passion to support people on their journeys to long term sobriety.

Since 2013, while volunteering at a West LA residential treatment program, Leslie has coached hundreds of people in their first year of sobriety across the finish line of the LA Marathon. She saw first hand how life changing the experience was for the participants. 


In 2018, she could have retired from a 30+ year career in healthcare consulting, and taken life easy. Instead, she decided to start Strides in Recovery to bring the healing power of exercise to more addiction recovery communities. 


Today, in addition to leading Strides in Recovery, she still coaches the LA Marathon Team, as well as several of the Strides in Recovery teams.

Hannah is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working in addiction recovery since 2014 and has been running for over a decade. Hannah first started running as a child with her father who is now 20 years sober. She came to truly love the sport as she learned how cultivating her physical strength and stamina positively affects her mental health.


In addition to working with the Strides in Recovery team and running her own therapy practice on the Westside, Hannah facilitates groups in addiction treatment centers around LA. She is a two-time marathoner and one-time half-marathon and hopes to complete more races in the coming years if her joints cooperate.

Sitting in his prison cell, Gary realized that “Meth had taken over my life. It took away my freedom.” He also realized that the only light in that dark period of his life was working out. “It got me to want to do something productive. It gave me confidence.”  


Later, as a client in a residential treatment program, he eagerly joined the Strides in Recovery team. After completing treatment, he came back to support his brothers in sobriety as a Strides in Recovery volunteer assistant coach.  


Today, as a team coach, he uses his own experiences to inspire others and share the message of recovery.   

Talia is a dancer and NASM certified professional trainer who grew up around recovery.  Trained in numerous styles of dance and certified in Rhythmmetrics, she specializes in Chicago Footwork and has taught and performed across the US, as well as overseas. 


As the daughter of parents each with decades of sobriety, and who ran a detox throughout her childhood, addiction and recovery have been a central theme in her life.


Being a Strides in Recovery coach enables her to combine her passions for movement and recovery to help lift others as they work to overcome their addictions.

Our Dedicated Volunteers

We couldn't do what we do without the support of our dedicated volunteers.  Our assistant coaches show up every week to make sure everyone feels supported, welcome, and included, regardless of level of fitness.   No matter what pace someone is going, a volunteer is there to offer uplifting conversation and make sure that nobody moves forward alone.  We also have people who give their time behind the scenes, keeping everything running smoothly, from social media to  accounting and more. 

If you would like to volunteer with Strides in Recovery, click here