The Power of

Group Training toward a Challenging Goal

"The experience has been life changing and is really a huge part of my recovery.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity to push myself and achieve this goal."

 - Ryan R.  sober since 2013

"Being part of this team showed me that sometimes we carry othes and other times we re carried.  Sometimes we need to be loved when we can't love ouservles, and love others when they feel unlovable.  We go through seasons and we need each other.

-Robin L., sober since 2016

"Running clears my head, gives me peace, makes me feel like a little kid playing in the great outdoors! The team makes me feel supported, part of a community, inspired -  strength in numbers.  The smiles, laughter, high fives and cheers transform my experience of running."

 - Rebecca Z., sober since 2009

"Training has given me focus in my own life. Sharing the experience with a team has been especially enriching. Distance running is an isolating experience, and the camaraderie of the team has been so valuable to me. I appreciate sharing in the success of each individual, and I gain personal strength from being a part of that. Those who are faster than me inspire me to push myself, and those who finish after me inspire me to be a leader and a cheerleader. No matter what challenges I face in my life, I am stronger for the experience of training, competing, and completing the journey. It is a journey that will fill me for the rest of my life!"

 - Jason D.  sober since 2011

"Training taught me that this isn't going to be easy and that life isn't always going to be easy either.  Sometimes you have to push through the tough times and stay on the right path.  You'll eventually get to your desination.."

-Amy P., sober since 2017

"A few nights ago I was out with a friend who has almost 8 months sober and was having a really hard day ... we were talking for a while and then she asked me when did I see some sort of miracle in my sobriety that made it seem worth it to stay sober .... I thought about it really hard and then I said FINISHING THE LA MARATHON with the team. It was the first thing in my life I was proud of that I accomplished. It taught me , when you work hard for something (6 months of training) the reward is always much better . That has fueled my life in regards to setting goals for myself , and not stopping until I hit those goals or surpass them and set new goals. 'A goal is a dream with a deadline '. As I started hitting my goals I realized I'm living my dreams."

 - Jonathan W.  sober since 2012

"It was a great experience showing me that I could change in recovery.  At first it was hard to go even a small distance.  But, by the end of the training, I was much stronger and could go the distance.  I can go the distance in recovery too."

 -Stan, first year of sobriety

"Because of my training for and completing a 5K, I have more patience and resolve."

 -Tony, first year of sobriety

It is rewarding to have the support and common ground provided by our experiences and choices to change.  Having people to share this process with is very valuable to me.

-Courtney, first year of sobriety

Training helps me mentally to be more at peace.

-Stephanie, first year of sobriety

It was a reminder to me that life is too beautiful to waste away.

Anonymous, first year of sobriety

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