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Supporting Sobriety
One Stride at a Time

The Full Story

The current first-year post-addiction treatment relapse rate in the US is 40-60%*.  While people often leave treatment with the will and the knowledge to stay sober, their brains are not always healed enough to support the decision making needed to practice these new habits.  Regular exercise not only speeds this healing, it reinforces the life skills and the mindset needed to support recovery. It's also a great way to replace the high of using.  And that's why we bring recovery-focused walking/running programs to addiction treatment communities.

We empower people with a clinically proven tool to support long term sobriety.

*According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse


Our Mission

Strides in Recovery is a Los Angeles based nonprofit dedicated to helping people overcome addiction. Working collaboratively with addiction treatment providers and other recovery communities, we lead goal-oriented group running and walking programs for people with substance use disorders.  Our recovery-focused messaging promotes mental, emotional and physical healing, while reinforcing the life skills and mindset needed to support long term sobriety. Our welcoming and supportive environment promotes a sense of community and belonging for all.


Our Vision

Everyone who wants to overcome their addiction has the opportunity to experience the healing power of exercise.


Our Beliefs

We believe that the current 40-60% first-year post-treatment relapse rate in the US is unacceptable. Together we can do better.

We believe that the most successful approach to a lasting recovery encompasses body, mind, and soul.

We believe that everyone working hard to stay clean and sober deserves to begin recovery as mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy as possible.

We believe that everyone who wants long term sobriety deserves the opportunity to experience a tool for healing and relapse prevention that is backed by evidence in the medical literature and hundreds of testimonials.

Our Values

  • Recovery-focused: We are a goal-oriented group recovery program that uses running/walking to support sobriety. 

  • Inclusive: Everyone is welcome regardless of level of fitness or experience. 

  • Non-Competitive: We support moving forward in recovery and in life at the pace that’s right for each person. 

  • Collaborative: We celebrate each other’s successes, and lift others when they are down. We inspire and encourage each other to do our best.

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