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Program Overview

Emotional Healing.  Physical Health.  Life Skills.  Camaraderie.  Community.  Fun.  And so much more.


Emotional healing

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Life skills learned through training

At Strides in Recovery, we believe that training with a supportive community toward a challenging goal is a metaphor for recovery and a metaphor for life.  And that's why every aspect of our program embraces this philosophy. 


Like many 5K, 10K, and half marathon training programs, we provide education about the fundamentals of running: body mechanics, stretching and strengthening, pacing, footwear, and more.  And then we go the extra mile.  


Our messaging stresses the mental and emotional aspects of group training toward a challenging goal, reinforcing the life skills and mindset associated with success in recovery.  

We create an inclusive, non-competitive environment, welcoming team members with all levels of fitness. Many team members stay connected to our supportive community long after completing their treatment program.


And, our online Strides in Recovery community welcomes family and friends who want to *follow their loved one's training online, join us on race day, and support our teams.  

*We respect HIPAA and client preference. Team members and programs must opt-in to be shown on social media.


Guidance on proper stretching and strengthening technique


Strengthening ties with loved ones


Welcoming participants regardless of level of fitness


Fun in sobriety

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