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Our Growth:
Timeline, Trends, and Our First Team

Our Timeline

Getting Started


First Strides in Recovery team completes a 10 weeks 'couch to 5K' training program, crossing the finish line of the 2017 Downtown Los Angeles Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.

Strides in Recovery files as a nonprofit organization.


Online community launched to connect current participants, alumni, and community- based supporters.


First team to embrace year-round training joins Strides in Recovery.

Preparing for Growth



Two more teams join the Strides in Recovery community. 


Strides in Recovery approved as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization


First education session raising awareness of the benefits of exercise in early recovery presented at a statewide conference of  addiction  treatment providers.

Building Our Community


Expansion continues during the pandemic as treatment providers welcome safe activities which promote connection and a healthy lifestyle.

in 2021, we hosted a private COVID-safe recovery-focused half marathon event, bringing together four recovery communities, to give program participants the experience of crossing the finish line of a major public race.  In late 2021, public events returned and our teams joyfully participated.


The Strides in Recovery community grows to include participants from 11 addiction treatment programs, and over 1000 online supporters.

Growing Stronger Together

2022 and beyond

With COVID behind us, our teams are regularly participating in local events ranging from 5Ks to the Los Angeles Marathon.  Hundreds of our participants in early recovery have proudly earned their finisher medals, tangible reminders of how far they have come in running and in life.


As of March 2023, we are serving the clients of 17 treatment providers in Los Angeles County and are on track to serve over 800 newly sober individuals by year end.  That's 800+ more newly sober individuals who will grow physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger so they can do their best at the hard word of recovery.

Our Trends

As more treatment providers gain awareness of the healing power of goal-oriented group training, and more of their clients experience the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits, word has been spreading. More people want to be part of the healing and part of the fun.  


Each year, the number of people we are able to help has been growing.  And, as indicated by the increasing number of volunteer hours, support from the local community is growing as well.  

2022 Participants.PNG
2022 Sessions.PNG
2022 Volunteer Hours.PNG
2022 Miles.PNG

Our First Team in their First Event


Thanksgiving Morning 2017: Our first Strides in Recovery team participates in the Downtown LA Turkey Trot. 

Since then, we have helped hundreds more people in early recovery experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of training together toward a challenging goal.

We are building supportive welcoming fitness communities for our team members. We are promoting the mindset and the lifestyle to support long term recovery.

Today, we are supporting sobriety, one stride at a time.  Want to know where the idea for Strides in Recovery came from? Click here.

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