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Client Testimonials

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"The program provides a wonderful opportunity for all those seeking to strengthen their recovery with physical fitness. Strides in Recovery, is dedicated to supporting the sober community with weekly running clubs. Leslie's friendly demeanor, knowledge of fitness and enthusiastic attitude has inspired us all. 

-Dr. Donna Miller, Clinical Director


Awakening Recovery ("AR") has worked with Strides in Recovery ("SIR") and Leslie Gold for the last 3 years where SIR has on a weekly basis trained our residents to run in a 5K race.  The relationship between retention and outcomes has been demonstrated at AR, but it is not time alone, rather engagement in activities that facilitates consistent individual change and outcomes.  


"Being a part of a team has helped me see I am capable of doing things that I never even thought I would be able to do.  With each other's energy, I'm able to be a part of and achieve more.  And for that I'm grateful." - Tyler / AR Resident


Residents with severe substance use disorders like those at AR, required high demand recovery.  Integrating wellness activities like training to run a 5K help residents balance the daily rigorous routines of the house and build peer mentoring bonds, and a sense of community and connection.  


"Being a part of a team means I connect to my support group more and get to know the guys better.  I love my boys, we go through a lot in the house together working on our spiritual life, and our bonds with each other are very strong as a result." - John / AR Resident


Centering AR residents on motivating them to continue recovery after graduating our year+ recovery home process requires sequencing a balance between the 12-Steps, changing core beliefs and behaviors, integrated and coordinated clinical referral services where indicated, and habituating wellness activities like training to run a 5K while residents are living in the house.  


"Training taught me that no matter what, when I put my mind to something I can do it.  It taught me to push myself harder, and that I can always do more." - Griffin / AR Resident


Wellness for the whole person is an essential part of our recovery home process at AR.  We believe recovery for our residents is a threefold process incorporating healing of the mind, body and spirit during their stay in the house.  The relationship between our residents and the activities they engage in like with Strides in Recovery is what motivates them to make habits in their recovery that build self esteem, mindfulness and resilience; indeed all qualities that are key to long-term recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.


"The last few weeks of training has helped my sobriety by improving my physical health which helps my self-esteem, plus it was nice to train as a team and feel a part of something.  It has helped me develop my own training routine around running once a week." - Jerry / AR Resident


AR highly recommends SIR to any recovery modality seeking an outlet for their clients/residents to improve their physical health, mindfulness and self-esteem.  Leslie and her team are great positive motivators that understand what it is like to be in early recovery and partners with them to meet their individual goals.

-David Van Der Velde, Executive Director

To watch a video showing how Awakening Recovery integrates

Strides in Recovery into their curriculum, click here.

Strides in Recovery coaches have been coming to the SHAWL Women’s House weekly for well over a year. It has made such a difference.  Our residents look forward to getting outside, feeling free, and connecting with each other in a more casual setting.  And when the women come back from their 3-4 mile walk/jog, they are more relaxed and upbeat for the rest of the day. Most of the participants look forward to the walk all week.


The additional component of having volunteers in the community who support and believe in the women lifts their spirits equally.


Race day is always exciting. I have seen transformation from our participants who feel a renewed sense of accomplishment after completing their first race.


The weekly training sets the women up for new habits of exercising. Many participants commit to continue to train after they complete the program. We are proud to offer this experience for our clients.

Annie Kotok, LMFT

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The Strides in Recovery program was featured in the first Fred Brown Recovery Services newsletter, published June 2021. The article features one of their graduates, a Strides in Recovery team member who is now a coach. To read more, click here.

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