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Brittney's Story: Sobriety through Giving Back  

Recovery is rarely a straight-line journey. Brittney began a residential treatment program but left after a few months. Returning a year later, she participated more fully in the program and in the Strides in Recovery training. This time, she was focused and determined to not only help herself, but to inspire others as well. 

As race day approached, everyone was given the option sign up for either the 5K or 10K. Brittney reminded her teammates that they could do whatever they put their minds to, especially when supported by each other. Even though the women had never gone further than 5 miles during training, Brittney's passion inspired most of the other women in the program to sign up for the 10K (6.2 miles). "It's all about feeling good about yourself." she told them. Together they ran. Together they celebrated each other’s successes as each one crossed the 10K finish line.

Brittney (back row, 3rd from left) with her teammates at the start of their first 10K

After completing her program, Brittney became a Strides in Recovery volunteer, supporting a men’s team. Reflecting back on her experience as a team member, Brittney says "It really inspired me that the volunteers were doing it for free. It taught me to complain less and be more appreciative."  Being a volunteer helped her navigate the challenges of early sobriety too.  "It makes me feel good. When I'm with the guys, I forget about all my problems."

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