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Participant Voices

"Strides in Recovery has had lasting meaningful benefits for me personally and those that I see participating around me. Not only does it get me active and feeling great it also helps foster honest conversations with others while hearing about their own journeys. This helps all of us feel more comfortable with our own struggles knowing we are not alone. Through Strides as part of our recovery routines we can grow as people and more than just being labeled as mere addicts. Through the encouragement and understanding from others like Michelle [Strides in Recovery coach], who kindly pushes us to do better, we all can become more honest with ourselves and push to do things we never thought possible. One mile turns into two turns into 3 and before you know it you are wanting to do more. Such as life taking it one mile, one day, one Stride at a time. I recommend this organization to anyone wanting to further their own recovery in a fun, meaningful, and motivated way."


- Aaron C., Strides in Recovery team member, first year of sobriety

Achieving Goals

Adam K.

It was 2 weeks before Adam's first half marathon. As the team reflected on what they had learned and accomplished, here is what Adam shared.  His words apply to training as well as life.


Relapse Prevention

Meredith S.

It was easy to stay sober while in an addiction treatment program and training for the LA Marathon alongside other residents. Staying sober while back home in an isolated community facing the many more


Sobriety through Giving Back

Brittney C.

Recovery is rarely a straight-line journey. Brittney began a residential treatment program but left after a few months. Returning a year later, she participated  More


Replacing the High of Using

Shimon D.

To Shimon, “going for a run” once meant chasing that next high. It meant drinking and using as much as possible for days, weeks or even months, all to maintain that thrill. Today, it still means getting a thrill. More

Fun in Sobriety, and More

The Men of Fred Brown Recovery Services

Through dedication to the training plan, these men were able to go longer distances and run up hills to enjoy the views.  Hear how they feel about their success.,  

Gaining Self-Confidence

Monique J.

Standing in the finish zone of the half marathon, after just 3 months of training, Monique realized she can do more than she thought. 

Participant Quotes

How training helped me in sobriety:

Training helped me focus on something other than my addiction.

Training helped me build myself back up and get myself motivated again.

It makes me feel good about myself.

taught me:

To push myself even when I don’t think I can, that I can do a lot more than what I think I can do which is huge in sobriety.

Discipline and that by accomplishing goals, I will feel better about myself.

Not to give up. When I’m feeling anxiety, “Walk it out!”

What being part of this team means to me:

Being part of a team means everything.  We win together and we cry together.  It is a reminder that we never have to be alone.

Sense of worth, belonging.

It makes me feel like home and I have a family again.

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